Thursday, March 17, 2011

Max & Ruby Bunny Party

Ok, if I can be honest, I'm not a big fan of Max & Ruby.
It's Ruby really.
She annoys me.
She's a brat and really needs some parental supervision.
But, against my best intentions, my kids have discovered Max and Ruby and my daughter Emma LOVES the show. I mean, loves it.
Not sure if it's their child-like voices or maybe that Ruby reminds Emma a little bit of herself, but it's love none-the-less.
So, we watch it.
And I cringe a little every time Ruby does something bratty and then I remind Emma why it isn't nice.
So, it's ok ;)

And, would you believe that Max & Ruby is now live on stage?
Yep, it's True.
Full-sized and full of attitude, it's sure to excite your little ones as much as the idea thrills Emma.

Saturday, April 30th Max & Ruby Bunny Party is coming to the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia for a 70 minute live show.
You can order tickets ahead of time.
Click here for the 1pm show
Click here for the 4pm show

Enter promo code: EASTER and get $5.00 off per ticket!

Maybe I'll see you there.
I'll be the mom cringing every time Ruby speaks ;)

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